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Racing Java Apps Games

  • Dakar 2006

    Dakar 2006

    Dakar 2006 is a game dedicated to the most famous rally race in the world. Track from Lisbon to Dakar, hard sand and water prairies. Real desert rally.

  • Race of death

    Race of death

    Test your skills and desire to become the best driver in the world. Realistic physics, breathtaking game! Race of death combines stunning high quality graphics and fascinating game plot.

  • Cobra 11

    Cobra 11

    Crazy racers flooded the city streets. Cobra 11 will cope with malicious violators and runaway criminals, they will even penetrate into the secret groups of streetracing participants in order to reveal them.

  • Drag race: Bike

    Drag race: Bike

    Drag race bike is a pursue bike race. Buy a bike, tune it and take part in the racing competitions. The game offers fascinating competition with wonderful graphics and realistic physics.

  • Jenson Button: Grand prix racer

    Jenson Button: Grand prix racer

    This is the most realistic and engrossing game dedicated to Grand Prix race. It is recommended by the outstanding racer, Formula 1 legend, Jenson Button. Become Jenson Button, challenge all who want compete with you and get the title of the world champion