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  • Genius hockey

    Genius hockey

    This is the easiest version of a hockey game. Operate your team with the help of one finger. Score goals to the gates of your opponent and watch your gates!

  • Backgammon pro

    Backgammon pro

    Backgammon is one of the most popular ancient games. Study its secrets and apply your knowledge to play against computer opponent in single game. As soon as you are confident in your skills you can try to become the Great Winner of the Tournament mode!

  • 1000


    Card game 1000 belongs to preference type of card games. The idea of the game is to be the first who gets 1001 points. There are always two losers in the game. Each of them loses at least 120 points for one game. Game 1000 is played with a set of 24 cards

  • Full House Bingo

    Full House Bingo

    This game reminds bingo. To begin with, you need to choose one of six characters, the game offers you balls with numbers and you need to press figures which match your list of numbers.

  • Timeshock Pro Pinball

    Timeshock Pro Pinball

    This is a wonderful mobile version of the famous pinball game. This time you are going to plunge into a captivating history world, as the background of the game is made like a picture of different time periods starting with Middle Ages and Ancient Rome an

  • Resort Tycoon

    Resort Tycoon

    What if you were offered to plan and organize the public services of such resort as Sochi and to take control over it? With the help of this game which is based on the popular board game you can bring your dreams into life! Run your budget in a correct wa

  • Pico Pix

    Pico Pix

    This game won the hearts of millions of people. Do you know the way to become a painter very easily? To begin with you need to color the boxes correctly following the clues. Fifty pictures, 50 levels of Japanese crossword - and you can be called a profess

  • Pico Pix: Winter edition

    Pico Pix: Winter edition

    This is a winter version of the game! This game won the hearts of millions of people. Do you know how to become a painter very easily? To begin with, you need to color the squares following the hints with figures. Fifty drawings, fifty levels of Japanese

  • Poker: Texas Hold‘em Online

    Poker: Texas Hold‘em Online

    Poker game has more than 500 years of history. This game captivates presidents and corporations’ heads. Its stakes are calculated in millions and the total amount of players comes close to a milliard. Play Qplaze PokerOnline from your mobile anywhere and