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Arcade & Action Java Apps Games

  • Happy restaurant 2012

    Happy restaurant 2012

    You used to be an owner of a large and popular restaurant net. But your competitors played a mean trick on you and took everything you had. Restore your public image and your restaurants!

  • Aeronautics


    It is so good to fly in the sky among the clouds! It is even more pleasant to do this in a balloon, especially when you can collect coins on the way. But be careful – birds will try to damage your balloon!

  • The big robbery

    The big robbery

    The big robbery - is a robbery simulator. You must find maximum valuable things in the apartment or in the house and steal them. But you must do that carefully and quiet otherwise you will activate the alarm system!

  • Himmatwala


    The events take place in Ramnagar village. The father of young Ravi was falsely accused and sentenced to death. In order to prevent this you must help your father to get away from the village and rescue him from unjust punishment!

  • Zombie roadrash

    Zombie roadrash

    Zombie roadrash is the most engrossing zombie action game! Get into the car, step on the gas and go away from everhungry zombies! What are you ready to do to save your life?

  • Flow XXL

    Flow XXL

    Flow XXL is a very engrossing logic game in which you need to connect the same colored dots in such a way that the lines did not cross. The game is very simple and bright!

  • The mission

    The mission

    The mission is your mission at this moment, in which you play as a cool single fighter and your task is to kill a dragon. You will meet mummies and other enemies on 5 levels of this game.

  • The Transport

    The Transport

    The main goal of the game The Transport is to sort out colored boxes from a moving conveyor band and place them to corresponding colored containers. This game requires high level of coordination!

  • Battle for the farm

    Battle for the farm

    Battle for the farm is a new version of the game Plants vs Zombies, only that here you will observe farm cattle and other animals (cows, roosters, monkeys) instead of plants and evil and very strong aliens instead of zombies.