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Arcade & Action Java Apps Games

  • Dragon publication

    Dragon publication

    Dragon publication is a logic arcade with the elements of fantasy RPG. Your mission is to find and kill dragon, the lord of darkness, making groups of the same colored balloons.

  • Battle tank

    Battle tank

    Destroy all enemy armies, protect your headquarters and collect all the bonuses which will help you to complete the mission! The enemy will become smarter and faster with every new level.

  • Orion in the city 2

    Orion in the city 2

    Orion in the city 2 is a continuation of the adventures of a young guy whose name is Orion. The young man keeps on clearing the cities from monsters on the roads of various cities.

  • Bowling dash

    Bowling dash

    Train in playing bowling to become professional and reach high level. Compete with your friends, break your own records. How many stikes in a row can you make?

  • Crazy xmas jewel

    Crazy xmas jewel

    Put three identical funny Christmas decorations together in this dynamic game and make them disappear in this way. Can you put together even more decorations and make a chain reaction?

  • Adventures of Tin 2

    Adventures of Tin 2

    Meet the continuation of the adventures of the guy whose name is Tin! This young man is going to cover a dangerous way – through dungeons full of traps, palaces with the latest alarm system and poisonous spiders and races along the road with busy traffic!

  • Pocket hospital

    Pocket hospital

    In Pocket hospital you send patients to the cabinets and send ambulance to the city. Widen and improve the list of servises and don’t make patients wait too long – every second is important!

  • Restaurant tycoon

    Restaurant tycoon

    Start your business with a restaurant and widen your restaurant net all over the city in order to become a restaurant tycoon. As the popularity of the restaurant grows, the difficulty of the game also grows and you earn more money!